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Luna Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • Regan goes to Chemistry class, tries to be real smooth, and instead almost falls into the trash can as she's making her way over to Chris.
  • Their fascinating experiment for the day is melting an ice cube, and Regan and Chris banter as they perform it.
  • Suddenly a popular girl, Shannon Eiber, interrupts to invite Chris to a rave on Saturday night. She even says that they can drive over together. Oh good.
  • Regan is immediately sad because she feels like Chris is just going to be absorbed by the popular group.
  • When she gets home, Liam's door is closed and Regan starts to freak out as she has a flashback to another time that she came home with Liam's door closed.
  • When she got into the room that time, all of their mom's pill bottles were empty and Liam had all the pills in a football helmet—he was going to commit suicide.
  • In the end, Liam couldn't go through with it and Regan promised him that he can use her room to dress up whenever he wants—which is why he now comes in every single night.
  • In the present day, Liam opens his door and tells Regan to come in, and she breathes a sigh of relief.
  • When she goes in, Liam starts talking about transgendered individuals and all the things he's learned on the Internet.
  • Liam's read about one girl, Teri Lynn, who has started transitioning. He's so excited because he can't wait to do this too.
  • Regan feels overwhelmed, but she tries to tell Liam that she understands and supports him.

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