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Luna Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • In chemistry class, Regan feels a little off because people are talking to Chris now. It's obvious that he's popular now and she'll be left behind, right?
  • While they're working with sulfuric acid, Chris asks Regan if she wants to go to the rave with him and she jerks back, spilling it all over herself. Yikes.
  • Mr. Bruchac has to come in and treat Regan's arm, and then Chris kisses her hand. Aw… what a nice guy.
  • That night Regan has a girly romantic dream about Chris, but Luna interrupts her.
  • When she wakes up, Luna is crying next to her bed—it turns out that their dad made her try out for baseball.
  • Luna says that she needs to transition no matter what happens, because if she doesn't, she'll die.
  • She wants to start transitioning and dressing as a girl in public, and even though Regan is freaking out inside, she does the supportive sister thing and tries to help her.
  • They decide that they'll go shopping together on Saturday so that Luna can reveal her true self for the first time.
  • The next day in chemistry class, Mr. Bruchac tries to humiliate Regan by making her come to the front of the class and explain her injury.
  • Afterward Chris asks Regan about the rave on Saturday night again… and she realizes that she can't go because she's promised Luna the shopping trip. What a shame.

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