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Teri Lynn in Luna

By Julie Anne Peters

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Teri Lynn

For Luna the discovery of someone like Teri Lynn is transformative. She didn't really know that people like her existed in the world, or that they were able to transition and take their lives into their hands. When Luna starts talking to Teri Lynn, she realizes that she can change her whole life and doesn't have to die unhappy:

There's this one T-girl, Teri Lynn, who transitioned a couple of years ago. She calls it "remaking herself." She's following the Harry Benjamin standards to the letter so she can have her SRS next year. (8.107)

Luna ends up trusting Teri Lynn because she's been through the whole difficult process and learned the Harry Benjamin standards (sexologist) for how to successfully transition. Luna and Teri Lynn have been able to talk about the parts of themselves that they're most afraid to share with the world, and this brings them closer together even though they're strangers.

Because of Teri Lynn's example and friendship, Luna is able to feel that she isn't alone in the world, and that there is a community of people who will understand and accept her. This makes all the difference when it comes to finding the courage to transition.

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