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Luna Courage

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We'll tell you one thing: it takes a whole lot of guts to do what Luna does. In Luna, Regan watches as her sibling goes through the gauntlet in order to live out her true self. When they go to the mall, people freak out and say mean things to her; when the Matera family finds about Luna's cross-dressing they tell Regan that her brother has serious problems and kick them both out; Luna even faces outright rejection from her family when she tests the waters and tries to act more like her female self—everyone becomes hostile and wants to shut her down.

Even in the face of all this adversity though, Luna perseveres. She decides that she's not going to live anyone else's dream but her own. And that, Shmoopster, is what we call one tough girl.

Questions About Courage

  1. How does Luna muster the courage to go to the mall more than once? Isn't she discouraged from her first experience?
  2. Why does it take courage for Luna and Regan to explain to their parents that Luna wants to be a female?
  3. How does Chris display courage in his relationship with Regan? Why does he keep trying to win her over even though he doesn't get that much encouragement?

Chew on This

Even though Luna is afraid to come out to their parents, she is still able to summon the courage to go to the mall because even if she is judged, those she loves will not judge her.

Regan cannot do the courageous thing and step in when Hoyt picks on Luna at school because she is afraid that her own reputation will be on the line.

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