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Luna Gender

By Julie Anne Peters

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There's a part in Luna where Chris tells Regan that he has a gay uncle and that he totally understands that her brother is different. Regan appreciates the sentiment, but it's not quite the same because Luna isn't gay—she identifies as a female. Gender gets pretty confusing in Luna because Luna is physically male but identifies as female. Even though this is as natural as breathing to Luna and makes perfect sense to Regan, the rest of the world has a little more trouble accepting that Luna's gender doesn't conform to expectations for the body she was born in.

Questions About Gender

  1. Do you think that Luna always considered herself female? Why or why not?
  2. What were the signs that Liam didn't want to be a boy as a kid?
  3. How does Regan see Luna—as her sister, as her brother, in some other way?

Chew on This

Luna and Regan's dad does not understand the distinction between sexual orientation and gender identity, which is why he cannot understand or accept Luna for who she is.

Though some people call Luna a freak, Regan does not see her that way. Regan genuinely sees Luna as a girl and knows that this is her true gender identity.

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