Study Guide

Luna Identity

By Julie Anne Peters

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In Luna, both of the main characters are struggling to create identities for themselves. For Luna the struggle is to come out with her female identity and to stop hiding behind the disguise of Liam. For Regan, the challenge is to come into her own and decide where she fits in and what she's interested in; she's spent so much of her time and energy just focusing on Luna that she hasn't really had the chance to figure out her own identity. As Luna gets closer to coming out, Regan also comes closer to understanding herself and the kind of person she wants to be.

Questions About Identity

  1. How does meeting Teri Lynn online change the way that Luna thinks about her future and what she's capable of?
  2. Does Regan's idea of herself change throughout the book? How so?
  3. When does Luna completely shed the male version of herself? How does it go over with the family?

Chew on This

Luna's self-identity doesn't really change over the course of the novel. It is actually the way that external people view her identity that changes.

Regan's identity struggles are stifled by Luna's—it is not until Luna comes out and moves away that Regan is really able to start looking inward and finding her own identity.

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