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Luna Jealousy

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Sometimes things get a little dicey between Luna and Regan in Luna. Though the sisters are awfully close and share everything, Luna sometimes gets jealous—after all, Regan has what she wants more than anything. Regan is seen as a girl and doesn't have to fight against society or her family for people to accept that. Luna, on the other hand, has to hide in shame and deal with her parents potentially disowning her if she comes out of the closet.

Jealousy is a two-way street though, and even though Regan's life may be easier in some respects, she envies Luna because Luna gets better grades, more of the attention, and is usually the priority in their relationship. The tricky part now is making sure that jealousy doesn't ruin everything between them.

Questions About Jealousy

  1. Why does Luna get jealous of Regan when her father tells her to make dinner?
  2. Why does Regan resent Luna? Is Luna really destroying Regan's attempts for a normal social life?
  3. How does Aly react when she finds out that Liam is really Luna? Why do you think she's so upset?
  4. Is Luna envious of Teri-Lynn's lifestyle?

Chew on This

Luna resents Regan because even though Regan is the only confidante she has, she's also the constant reminder of what Luna wishes she could be—a typical teenage girl.

Rifts between Luna and Regan occur when Regan begins to resent her sibling for forcing her to lie all the time because Regan is envious of those who have transparent families and wishes that she could have the same.

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