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Luna Society and Class

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Society and Class

In Luna, the two siblings have the added complication of growing up in a family where their dad really likes to conform to societal rules and expectations. And when we say conform, we mean the man won't even let Liam cook when Regan has other commitments—it's women's work, after all. And even though he's been laid off from his job and is making less money, their dad still has a problem with his wife going to work as a wedding planner. He's so big on societal rules of gender that he doesn't even notice that Luna is suffering right in front of him, or that his beloved "son" isn't into all those masculine activities and sports.

Questions About Society and Class

  1. Why isn't Regan popular at school? Is there a reason she's such a loner?
  2. What is Regan afraid will happen if people find out about Luna? Do her fears come true?
  3. Why doesn't Luna's dad let up about the baseball thing? Why does Luna end up lying to him about trying out?
  4. How do people at the mall react to Luna? Why?

Chew on This

Even though Regan is attractive and considered a "normal" teenage girl, she is still an outcast because she is associated with her brother, who acts oddly feminine.

Regan's father wants his family to look normal and all-American and cannot accept that his wife and children have different dreams for their lives.

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