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Luna Suffering

By Julie Anne Peters

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Things are neither easy nor fun for the main character of Luna. It may seem like dressing up at night in frilly frocks and fun wigs is a blast, but inside Luna's pretty much dying. And Regan hurts too, because she sees her sibling go through so much suffering and depression in order to keep her identity under wraps. Luna has a terrible choice: she can either continue being Liam and kill herself inside little by little, or she can come out and risk her relationships with those closest to her. It's not a choice that anyone would want to make, but Luna has to do it.

Questions About Suffering

  1. Why does Luna take all of her mother's pills and try to commit suicide?
  2. Why does it hurt Luna to continue presenting as a male? Why is it such a big deal for her?
  3. What can Regan do to alleviate Luna's suffering? What can she not do?
  4. When Luna comes out, does she really stop suffering as much as she did when she presented as male?

Chew on This

Luna initially tries to commit suicide because she no longer wants the male version of herself, Liam, to exist. Eventually though, Luna finds a way to destroy her male self while maintaining a female identity.

Regan arguably takes more of the fall for Luna's secret than anyone else—she hardly sleeps, doesn't get good grades, and watches her social life suffer because of it.

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