Study Guide

Luna Transformation

By Julie Anne Peters


Even though the titular character in Luna has always identified as female, she has to undergo a change to present as female to the world at large. A great deal of the story deals with this transformation and how other people react to Luna's big reveal. Over the course of the book Regan is also changing—she's beginning to grow up and create her own life and social activities. She's not going to just listen to her parents blindly or just follow in Luna's shadow. Seeing Luna live out her truth makes Regan want to create her own life as well.

Questions About Transformation

  1. Why does Luna decide to start with shopping in public as a female?
  2. Do you think Aly feels differently about her friend now that she knows she's Luna instead of Liam?
  3. How does Regan grow up over the course of the book? Does this have to do with her relationship with Chris?
  4. Is Luna's mom surprised when she reveals herself as a female? Why or why not?

Chew on This

Luna chooses her name because it represents the side of her that comes out at night—like the moon, Luna (the female) only reveals herself at night.

Ultimately Luna does not really go through a transformation when she comes out. It is other people who transform their own thinking and way of looking at her.

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