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Madame Bovary Part 3, Chapter 10

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Part 3, Chapter 10

  • Monsieur Rouault received a letter from the pharmacist after the fact – so Homais attempted to soften the blow by not exactly telling him that his daughter was dead. As a result, Rouault rode desperately to try and see Emma before she died – and arrived far too late.
  • He and Charles cry together, and attempt to be strong for each other.
  • The whole town turns out for the funeral, including Hippolyte and his fancy leg, as well as the dastardly Monsieur Lheureux.
  • After an elaborate procession, Emma is buried by Lestiboudois. On the way back, Homais amuses himself by noting the improper behavior of his fellow townsfolk.
  • After everything’s over, Monsieur Rouault heavily says good bye to his son-in-law and the elder Madame Bovary. He immediately goes home to Les Bertaux, and even refuses to see Berthe, since she would make him even sadder.
  • That night, Charles and his mother stay up talking. They make plans for her to move in, and she rejoices inwardly – she’s finally defeated Emma.
  • Rodolphe and Léon both sleep calmly in their respective homes, but those who loved Emma, Charles, her father, and Justin, stay awake, thinking of her.

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