Study Guide

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Chapter 11

By Stephen Crane

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Chapter 11

  • Meanwhile, at a local saloon—a kind of fancy place with some really stylish details, like "shimmering glasses" and "many-hued decanters" (11.2)—Pete is behind the bar in a white jacket doing bartender-y things like pouring beer and drying glasses.
  • Jimmie comes in with his pal Billie. They are both so good to go that we almost feel sorry for Pete, except that he has spoiled sweet Maggie. And not in the way your grandma spoils you—we're talking the spoiled milk kind of spoiled.
  • A full-blown fistfight ensues. Glass smashing, cups flying, fists in the air. It's a violent spectacle… until the cops show up and Jimmie escapes through a side door.

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