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Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Chapter 14

By Stephen Crane

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Chapter 14

  • What would she do without Pete? Maggie has been out of the house for three weeks and Pete is her everything, which is never a good thing, ladies. They continue to hang out at a sequence of seedy bars and cheesy entertainment venues.
  • Pete no longer gazes at Maggie the same way, though, and now she stares at him "spaniel-like" just hoping for a sign…
  • Enter Nellie: "A woman of brilliance and audacity" (14.5). Whatever attention Pete was paying to Maggie immediately evaporates; this old flame is suddenly all Pete cares about.
  • A really cringe-worthy exchange ensues in which Pete pants over Nellie, Nellie puts on airs, Nellie's boy escort—a.k.a. Freddie—sulks, and Maggie fumes. The two spurned lovers look on while Nellie and Pete "reminisce of days together" (14.15).
  • The more Nellie humiliates and dismisses Pete, the more he follows her around. Pretty soon the two of them leave together, and Maggie is left sitting with Freddie (whose real name is Mike). He takes it upon himself to clarify this situation for the rosy-tinted Maggie: Nellie and Pete aren't coming back.
  • Maggie announces she is going home, a concept that Mike/Freddie does not seem to grasp—like, home? What's that?
  • She gets up and leaves.

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