Study Guide

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Chapter 15

By Stephen Crane

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Chapter 15

  • A "forlorn woman" is wandering down a crowded avenue. Surely, it must be Maggie—she's the definition of forlorn.
  • But wait… it isn't Maggie; it's Hattie. Apparently Jimmie has done his own number on a woman and now she's trying to track him down. It looks like Jimmie is no better than Pete after all, especially since he rejects her in an equally roguish way.
  • Back at Rum Alley: Maggie has returned home (she has nowhere else to go), and Mom is milking the opportunity to make Maggie feel like a rotten piece of you-know-what. Mary downright enjoys humiliating her daughter, while the denizens of Rum Alley turn the reunion into a spectacle.

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