Study Guide

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Chapter 16

By Stephen Crane

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Chapter 16

  • Pete has no clue the trouble he hath wrought. Maggie has nowhere to turn, and not even Jimmie comes to her defense. But in-between thoughts of his new old love—"the woman of brilliance and audacity"—Pete feels some nagging guilt. He tries to push it away.
  • He really hopes Maggie doesn't go to the bar where he works; he already got a talking-to about keeping the place respectable.
  • So, of course, enter Maggie. She has nowhere to go, but Pete doesn't care (duh).
  • Maggie finds herself walking the streets, which is not a thing a "good" girl would do back then. Men are avoiding contact with her. No one will save her soul. She is extra doomed.

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