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Main Street Chapter 14

By Harry Sinclair Lewis

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Chapter 14

  • As she walks home from Guy Pollock's, Carol wonders if she's capable of cheating on her husband Will. All kinds of thoughts fly through her head until she reaches home, where Will asks what's kept her out so late. She tells him she's been at Guy Pollock's and has to reassure him by saying that the neighbors were over, too. She doesn't bother to tell him about the long time she spent with Guy before these neighbors came over.
  • Carol decides to fish for Will's opinions on the other doctors in Gopher Prairie to see if Guy was right about his competitiveness. She's sad to see that Will does have a grudge against the other doctors.
  • Will realizes what Carol is implying and gets angry with her for being so willing to think poorly of him. He goes to sleep angry, and Carol feels that the love in their marriage is gone.
  • Carol uses the argument as an opportunity to bring up the fact that she wants a set allowance from Will. He argues that his income goes up and down depending on business, so he can't arrange for a set amount. So Carol wants a percentage, and yadda yadda, it goes on like that.
  • Will eventually agrees to let Carol establish a budget so that she can run their household like a business.
  • Carol is tender with Will for a moment, but then they start arguing again. Will says that Carol just likes to be dissatisfied because she thinks her dissatisfaction makes her superior to people who just enjoy life. Carol admits that there might be something to this.
  • Will also thinks that Carol doesn't have enough sympathy for the people of Gopher Prairie.
  • Will mentions that Carol isn't the only person in the world who's dissatisfied. He just isn't selfish enough to go broadcasting his own dissatisfaction all over town.

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