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Main Street Chapter 15

By Harry Sinclair Lewis

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Chapter 15

  • We learn that Carol suddenly falls back in love with Will when December rolls around. We can assume that this chapter will tell us why that happens.
  • One night, Carol wakes up to hear Will talking to a German farmer whose wife is sick. Turns out that Will needs to leave, and Carol finds herself admiring him as a hero. She falls back asleep and finds Will dropping into bed beside her just as she wakes up.
  • On a different day, a cart pulls into the Kennicotts' yard carrying a guy with a wounded leg. Carol is excited when Will asks her to fetch some hot water and blankets.
  • The next time Carol sees Guy Pollock at the store, he seems to think there's still something between them, but Carol isn't feeling it anymore.
  • Carol brings Will some sweets at his office and then tells him she's going to redecorate his waiting room. He thinks it's good the way it is, but once she's done with it, he admits that there's a big improvement.
  • One day, Mrs. Bogart drops by and says she doesn't like the way Carol's maid Bea has been fraternizing with the grocery delivery people. Carol basically tells her to mind her own beeswax.
  • Another day, Will invites Carol to come along with him on one of his house calls in the country.
  • When Carol and Will get to the person's house, Carol realizes that she's going to have to help Will while he performs an arm amputation right on the person's kitchen table. She has to deliver the anesthetic and nearly faints in the process.
  • When the Kennicotts head home the next day, they get caught in a snowstorm and have to take shelter in a barn. Will takes this opportunity to tell Carol that the two of them were lucky not to blow themselves up the night before, since he had used flammable ether as an anesthetic instead of chloroform.

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