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Main Street Chapter 21

By Harry Sinclair Lewis

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Chapter 21

  • The novel takes a moment away from Carol Kennicott to tell us about the inner life of Vida Sherwin. It turns out that Vida had a bit of a thing going with Will Kennicott that never panned out, but Vida was still a little crushed when she found out Will had married Carol. Carol never knew that Vida would have some secret reason to dislike her.
  • It doesn't make Vida's life any easier when she realizes that Carol thinks she's above everyone in Gopher Prairie. Still, she tries her best to like Carol and to be like a big sister to her.
  • Eventually, Vida starts hanging out with Raymie Wutherspoon, and they strike up a deep friendship. Then, when both of them are nearing the age of forty, they get married.
  • It's clear to everyone in the town that Vida and Raymie are much happier once they're married.

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