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Main Street Chapter 38

By Harry Sinclair Lewis

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Chapter 38

  • After a year in Washington, Carol starts craving more adventure than her office work allows her. She goes for a walk and sees two people she knows from Gopher Prairie. She's surprised at how happy she is to see them.
  • Thirteen months after her move to Washington, Will comes to see her. The visit goes pretty well, but when it's all over, Carol still doesn't want to move back to Gopher Prairie with Will. He's clearly disappointed, but like a patient partner, he says he'll continue to wait for her. In fact, he agrees that it's a good idea that she doesn't come home just yet.
  • Over time, Carol's hatred of Gopher Prairie melts away. She doesn't see it as a boring town but as a prairie settlement struggling to create civilization.
  • After nearly two years in Washington, Carol decides to head back to Gopher Prairie. We also find out that she's pregnant with her second child. And the dates might not add up for the child to be Will's…

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