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Bronterre O'Brien "Snobby" Price in Major Barbara

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Bronterre O'Brien "Snobby" Price

Snobby Price is one of Barbara's "converts" at the Salvation Army. To help the Army get donations and more converts, he goes to events with Barbara and pretends that he used to beat his mother, since these sob stories seem to be big breadwinners at those kinds of things. As Barbara says after a particularly fruitful event:

Oh Snobby, if you had given your poor mother just one more kick, we should have got the whole five shillings! (2.316)

…as opposed to the four and tenpence they actually got.

He is also memorable for stealing a sovereign that Bill Walker, another visitor to the Army, had meant to donate to the Army. It's pretty clear he doesn't take his newfound faith too seriously.

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