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Major Pettigrew's Last Stand Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • The Major pays Roger to a visit to let him know he's bringing a +1 (Grace).
  • Roger's cottage, however, is minus 1. Roger isn't home. And it's about to be minus 1 permanently: Sandy is leaving him.
  • Roger puts his social-ladder-climbing before Sandy, and, well, she's tired of it.
  • Sandy decides to return to America to focus on her career, and even though the Major offers to help however he can, she tells him not to bother.
  • Early the next morning (well, 8:30—early for us), the Major calls Roger.
  • Roger has realized that Sandy left him, and, in anger, he has thrown the turkey out the window.
  • The Major tells Roger to go get it, because he and Grace are still coming over. Now is the time for family.
  • When Grace and the Major arrive at Roger's cottage, Roger is still asleep.
  • The Major finds the turkey behind a hedge, and Grace does a ton of cooking while waiting for Roger to wake up.
  • When he finally comes downstairs, Roger admits that he won't be staying for dinner. Gertrude invited him to play bridge, so the ungrateful sod is going to do that.
  • The Major cannot believe how rude Roger is being, and he says to Grace: "He is no longer my son" (19.80).
  • The Major and Grace decide to take all the food back to the Major's place and leave Roger nothing but dirty dishes.

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