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Major Pettigrew's Last Stand Chapter 2

By Helen Simonson

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Chapter 2

  • Roger arrives late to his uncle's memorial service, and instantly starts asking about the family's greatest heirloom—a pair of Churchill shotguns given to each brother, the Major and Bertie—and intended to be reunited when one of them passes.
  • Jemima, Bertie's daughter, believes the rifles should be reunited instantly… and sold.
  • Roger agrees, because he wants those dollah-dollah bills.
  • While the Major tries not to blow a gasket at how rude this is, Marjorie, Bertie's widow, wonders who that strange brown lady is outside.
  • The Major explains it's his ride, Mrs. Ali, and Roger wonders if he could drive his dad home instead.
  • The Major would rather go back with Mrs. Ali, so he goes outside to invite her in, but she insists he ride home with his son, and she leaves.
  • After Mrs. Ali pulls away, Sandy, Roger's alluring American girlfriend, arrives. The Major is aghast that he would invite her.
  • Inside, Roger formally introduces Sandy, who works in fashion PR, and they soon leave to go home.
  • On the ride home, Roger reveals that he and Sandy are looking for cottages in the area.
  • Roger plans on moving closer to the Major, although when the Major invites Roger inside when they get home, Roger declines. Charming.
  • Inside, alone, the Major almost collapses in bed from exhaustion.

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