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Major Pettigrew's Last Stand Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  • Two days after the funeral, the Major gets a visit from Daisy Green, the Vicar's wife, and Alma Shaw and Grace DeVere of the Flower Guild. The Lollipop Guild only meets on weekends.
  • The Major tolerates the ladies' gossiping—and their tea, which they brought themselves—until they leave, then he decides to visit Mrs. Ali at her shop.
  • At the shop, the Major finds Mrs. Ali in the back and thanks her for her kindness the other day.
  • Mrs. Ali doesn't want to discuss it in front of her nephew, Abdul Wahid, who runs the counter, because he is very traditional and does not like it when his aunt drives a car.
  • Mrs. Ali asks if she can do anything else for him, and he asks for a ride on Thursday to visit the family solicitor and go over Bertie's will. It's Thursday today, so we guess he means next Thursday.
  • Mrs. Ali agrees to drive the Major, leaving him "smiling like a fool" (3.56).

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