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Major Pettigrew's Last Stand Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • At the golf club, the Major chats with his friend Alec. Alec's wife, Alma, is on the dance committee, and they are planning the next danceā€¦ while Alec tries to stay out of it.
  • After golf, the men get roped into the ladies' discussion at the club grill.
  • Daisy and her gang decide on an evening in an Indian court as a theme.
  • Grace, the only one among them with two brain cells to rub together, suggests they consult Mrs. Ali.
  • Grace decides to do it personally, along with the Major, so as not to cause any unintended offense.
  • The Major and Alec detach themselves from the women and relocate to the bar. There, they bump into Lord Dagenham, who introduces them to Frank Ferguson, a real estate developer from Jersey.
  • The men talk about an upcoming duck shoot on Dagenham's estate, which prompts the Major to mention his pair of Churchills.
  • Ferguson would love to see them, but the Major isn't actually invited to the shoot.
  • Even though it's not his place to do so, Ferguson invites the Major along.
  • When they leave, Alec asks the Major about the guns. The Major insists it shouldn't be any trouble to get the gun from Bertie's widow if he just asks.

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