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Major Pettigrew's Last Stand Literature and Writing

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Literature and Writing

People often bond over their love of books. If they didn't, book clubs wouldn't exist, right? Whether the bonding experience takes place at a book signing, in the classics section of a used bookstore, or in the dusty stacks of a library, lifelong friendships can be made over common passion for a book.

Speaking of passion, it's more than a friendship that is formed between the Major and Mrs. Ali in Major Pettigrew's Last Stand. What starts as a love for Kipling moves beyond those bare necessities and blooms into romance.

Questions About Literature and Writing

  1. What does the Major have in common with the authors of and characters in some of his favorite books?
  2. Are you surprised that Mrs. Ali likes Kipling? Do she and the Major have the same opinion on Kipling and his works?
  3. What did Mrs. Ali love the most about her father's library? What does she miss about it?

Chew on This

The Major and Mrs. Ali wouldn't be together were it not for their mutual love of the classics.

Because the Major loves the classics, he is a romantic. Members of the younger generation don't read as much, and they are a little more practical as a result.

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