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The Man in the High Castle Three-Act Plot Analysis

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Three-Act Plot Analysis

Act I

Everyone starts a new project: Tagomi thinks he's starting a new trade mission with Baynes; Baynes comes with his secret mission; Frank starts his new business; Juliana finds a new guy; and Childan worries about his old way of business (and starts to make friends with the Kasouras).

Act II

Everyone's project goes horribly wrong: Tagomi's trade mission turns out to be a secret plan; Baynes gets attacked by Germans; Frank's business goes nowhere and he gets arrested; Juliana realizes her guy Joe is an assassin; and Childan realizes his friendship with the Kasouras (or rather, attempted seduction of Betty) leads him to a huge dilemma about the American jewelry he has to sell.


Everything turns out OK: Tagomi falls into a terrible alternate history and takes a stand against Nazi Germany by refusing to send Frank Frink to his death; Baynes succeeds and goes home; Frank is released and goes back to work; Juliana finds out from Hawthorne Abendsen that his book tells the truth; and Childan stands up for American art.

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