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Rocky Mountain States People in The Man in the High Castle

By Philip K. Dick

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Rocky Mountain States People

Juliana Frink doesn't have assistants like Tagomi, but we do get to see some ordinary Americans in the Rocky Mountain States through her eyes. For instance, we meet Miss Davis, who is a student in Juliana's judo course. Even though she lives in Colorado, Miss Davis seems to be afraid of the Japanese, which is why she's taking a self-defense course (3.12-22). Is Miss Davis a good representation of people in the RMS area?

We also meet Charley, a fry cook, who starts out making jokes about how Juliana likes Japanese things. He then goes on to say that, even though he doesn't like Jews, he dislikes the Nazi racial laws even more (3.47). It's a conversation that almost starts a fight, though Juliana defuses the situation. Still, we've seen RMS citizens express anti-Japanese fears and jokes and also anti-Nazi comments. We guess these people would prefer if America never got conquered.

We also meet the nameless trucker who is driving with "Joe Cinnadella," but we never learn anything about him. Was he really a trucker or was he a German secret agent?

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