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The Man in the High Castle Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Juliana and Joe hang out in Denver, buying lots of clothes. Joe is acting weird, but not just "I'm bored because she's buying clothes" weird.
  • For instance, Joe tells Juliana what to wear when they visit Abendsen. Then he gets his hair dyed blond. And as soon as they check into their nice hotel, Joe tells her that they're going up to see Abendsen in Cheyenne, Wyoming—that night.
  • And he threatens to kill her if she doesn't do what he says (13.47).
  • About this time, Juliana realizes that Joe is bad news. She accuses him of being a German assassin, not an Italian truck driver.
  • He admits this (well, the assassin part—he's actually Swiss, not German) and explains the situation: he needs Juliana in order to charm Abendsen so that Joe can get close enough to kill him.
  • Juliana has an anxiety attack and a bit of a breakdown. She seriously considers suicide. But during this mental episode, she still manages to cut Joe's artery in this throat (his carotid). So, instead of committing suicide, she's mortally wounded the assassin. That's what we call irony—or just bad luck (or, you know, good riddance).
  • Juliana leaves Joe trying to hold his blood on the inside and drives off. She asks the I Ching what to do and it tells her to contact the Prince.
  • So she calls Abendsen to tell him that she'll be in Cheyenne tomorrow and hopes she can see him.
  • Abendsen's wife Caroline tells Juliana to come, which we're sure means that they'll be best friends.

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