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The Man in the High Castle Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • We start with Frank, who is making and admiring some of the jewelry he and Ed are making. There's a long description of jewelry here, which gives us great ideas for Man in the High Castle-themed Halloween costumes.
  • Now they just have to sell it to people like Childan. But since Frank went to Childan already (when they were blackmailing Wyndam-Matson), Ed will try selling to American Artistic Handcrafts.
  • Frank's got a plan to sell the jewelry: he'll send some to his beautiful ex-wife and get pictures of her to advertise.
  • Now let's check in on Juliana. She's still hanging out with Joe Cinnadella.
  • And though she's worried about this affair ending, what Joe actually does is propose a road trip. They should take a trip to a big city, like Denver (keep your anti-Denver jokes to yourself), where they'll get some nice clothes and go out for fancy dinners. And Joe will pay for everything.
  • Also, Juliana discovers a strange fountain pen that weighs more than it should in Joe's stuff, and he tells her it's nothing.
  • He then talks more about his military time and how he killed people, both in the war and as a guard on the trucks. Here's about the time when we would maybe say "thanks but no thanks" to the idea of road trip.
  • Juliana does have some doubts about him, but she agrees. After all, he does come with an interesting book.
  • Later, we see Childan at work when a salesman comes in to sell jewelry. (We know this is Ed McCarthy of Edfrank Jewelry, but Childan doesn't know that.)
  • Childan isn't too interested in American contemporary jewelry at first. But he's still a little rattled about the fake antique. And this guy is clearly not very experienced, so Childan can take a little advantage of him by getting the jewelry on consignment. (That is, Ed will leave some jewelry there with Childan and, if someone buys any, then Ed gets paid.)
  • Childan strokes his mustache and makes evil plans. Well, OK, he doesn't have a moustache and his "evil plans" are less evil than the Nazis' plans. He just wants to cheat the jewelry makers—and use some of this jewelry to seduce Betty Kasouras.
  • But he decides to play it safe and give the gift to Betty through Paul.
  • Finally, back with Frank Frink in the car, Ed tells him what happened, which bums them out terribly.

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