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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Eighteen: A Night at the Bastille

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter Eighteen: A Night at the Bastille

  • The King feels awful. He hears a sound, looks around the room, and sees an enormous rat.
  • He gives an involuntary shout, and then fully realizes he is not dreaming, but actually a prisoner in the Bastille.
  • He is convinced Fouquet is behind all of this.
  • The King begins shouting for the governor of the Bastille at the top of his lungs, and in general makes a loud ruckus. The other prisoners start getting angry. They need their sleep after all.
  • Finally a jailer yells at him to be quiet.
  • Louis continues making noise any way he can.
  • He begins to despair, then wonders when the first meal is served. He feels guilty that he cannot remember this small detail about his own prison.
  • A jailer comes in with food and notes that Louis must have been going quite mad to break all his furniture.
  • Louis demands to see the governor and threatens the jailer. The jailer laughs, says Louis is really going crazy, and takes away the knife.
  • Louis is left more desperate and angry than before. The narrator notes that within two hours, Louis has been transformed into a madman.
  • Baisemeaux is annoyed at all the noise as he sits down to his own breakfast.

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