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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Fifty-Eight: The Angel of Death

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Chapter Fifty-Eight: The Angel of Death

  • The vision is interrupted by a loud noise. A man on horseback has arrived and is now ascending the stairs.
  • It is Grimaud.
  • Athos asks if Raoul is dead.
  • Grimaud answers in the affirmative.
  • Athos raises his eyes to heaven, imagining that he is once again on the hill, watching his son ascend into heaven. He says, "Here I am," then dies.
  • Athos looks so peaceful that the servants think he is sleeping. Grimaud knows better. He can tell his master is dead.
  • D'Artagnan walks in, calling for Athos. Grimaud points to the bed. It is clear Athos is dead.
  • Grimaud kisses the foot of the bed and begins to cry.
  • D'Artagnan kisses his friend Athos on the forehead. He begins to wail with grief. The servants join in. Only Grimaud remains silent as Athos taught him.
  • The next day, D'Artagnan asks Grimaud for information on Raoul's death.

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