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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Fifty-Nine: The Bulletin

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Chapter Fifty-Nine: The Bulletin

  • We get a copy of the letter Beaufort wrote to Athos (a letter that arrived too late).
  • Beaufort writes that Raoul died gloriously, and encloses a report of the death.
  • It goes like this:
  • The attack started in the morning. As per instructions, Raoul stayed close to Beaufort.
  • When a task that would expose him to heavy fire needed completion, Raoul volunteers. Beaufort refuses, trying to spare the young man.
  • The man who takes the task ends up being killed. Beaufort asks Raoul to take note, since he has promised Athos he would bring him back alive.
  • The enemy troops are bombarded and eventually they spill out of the fort to begin fighting on the ground. The corps engages in combat. Raoul is part of the group that surrounds Beaufort.
  • Raoul kills three soldiers. Beaufort commands him to stop, but Raoul rides towards the fort.
  • Everyone yells at him to stop, and when he doesn't, they assume his horse has run away with him. They take aim at the horse, but don't shoot for fear of hitting Raoul instead.
  • Finally, a sharpshooter hits the horse. Raoul continues on foot towards the fort.
  • Raoul goes down as the fort is hit.
  • And thus begins the fight for Raoul's body: the Arabs want it, but the French refuse to let them have it. They engage in battle.
  • Eventually, they recover Raoul's body. He is miraculously alive but has lost a great deal of blood.
  • Physicians predict he will make a full recovery if he rests and does not move even a finger.
  • Later that night, an assistant finds Raoul dead upon the ground, clutching a lock of fair hair to his heart.
  • Full of grief, D'Artagnan notes that father and son must finally be reunited.

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