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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Vision of Athos

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Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Vision of Athos

  • Athos gets out of bed, determined to get in touch with D'Artagnan and take a trip to Belle-Isle to pay his last respects to Porthos's resting place.
  • As soon as he is ready to go, however, he loses all his strength and is obliged to rest.
  • Every time he tries to leave, he is overtaken by fatigue. Clearly, he is not supposed to leave the house.
  • Athos takes a nap. Mail is delivered today, but there is nothing for Athos. He is upset, for this means he must wait another eight days.
  • Athos catches a fever. The physician comes to tend to him.
  • Athos dreams he is in Africa witnessing battle. Night falls and Athos can see fallen bodies under a "mild and pale moon."
  • Athos is horrified as he looks at the corpses. He sees Beaufort's white horse lying on the ground.
  • Worried, Athos looks for his son.
  • Finally exhausted, Athos rests for a moment under a tent. From far away he can see a white figure approaching. The figure is dressed as an officer. Athos recognizes Raoul and cries out to him.
  • Raoul beckons his father to follow him, then glides away.
  • Athos follows Raoul to the top of a hill. Raoul begins to ascend straight up into the air and beckons his father to follow.

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