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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Forty-Five: The Ancestors of Porthos

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Chapter Forty-Five: The Ancestors of Porthos

  • Aramis relates D'Artagnan's plan to Porthos. (A plan which we now know has failed.)
  • Aramis tells Porthos that if there is only time for one of them to escape, Porthos should go.
  • Porthos refuses. He tells Aramis that they will either escape together or remain together.
  • Aramis asks for the cause of Porthos's gloom.
  • Porthos says he is drawing up his will. He tells Aramis that he feels tired, and that is a bad sign in his family.
  • Porthos tells Aramis that his grandfather was twice as strong as him, but that one day, when he was about the age Porthos is now, he felt a weakness in his legs as he set out to hunt. He was killed that day by a wild boar.
  • Porthos next tells Aramis about his father, who was just as strong as Porthos. One evening, his legs were weak as he rose from the dinner table. He then insisted upon going down into the garden, but while on the staircase he fell and hit his head. He died.
  • Aramis tells Porthos that these do not mean anything, Porthos is still strong.
  • Porthos tells Aramis that he too has felt a weakness in his legs and he knows his time is coming. He says he has lived a good and rich life.
  • Aramis tells Porthos that they still have years to live. Besides, D'Artagnan is securing their escape right now.
  • Aramis has given instructions to have a boat waiting for them in the grotto of Locmaria.
  • Porthos's legs are fine for the time being.
  • Suddenly there is a great call to arms. The fleet is coming.
  • The fighting begins.
  • Porthos and Aramis lead an impressive charge.
  • Aramis calls for Porthos to seize a prisoner. Porthos does so.
  • Aramis laughs at Porthos, saying that his legs must be better, but Porthos points out that he seized the man with his arms.

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