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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Forty-Nine: A Homeric Song

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter Forty-Nine: A Homeric Song

  • As for the defenders, they have begun to move out their boat.
  • They cannot escape while the attack occurs
  • Porthos suggests that he hide behind a pillar with a iron bar that he can use to bash in their heads.
  • Aramis says it's a great idea, but points out that they need a weapon that will take out dozens at once.
  • Twenty-five men led by Biscarrat enter the cave. Aramis tells Porthos to wait for his signal.
  • Biscarrat calls his friends onwards, and Aramis tells Porthos to strike. In the next instant, Biscarrat falls down dead.
  • The bar completely annihilates the first platoon with no problems. Meanwhile, the second wave continues to advance.
  • The second wave is led by the captain, who has a torch. The men are shocked to find dead bodies. The captain eventually spots Porthos behind a pillar. Porthos strangles the captain to death and extinguishes the light, sending the rest of the men into terror. They begin shooting blindly.
  • They are met only with silence and the sounds of the third group entering the cavern.

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