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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Forty-Seven: the Grotto of Locmaria

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter Forty-Seven: the Grotto of Locmaria

  • Aramis and Porthos proceed carefully to Locmaria. They expect to find three servants there to help them.
  • Porthos's legs go weak again at the entrance to the grotto.
  • Aramis enters the grotto and gives a pre-arranged signal.
  • Porthos descends as Aramis examines the canoe, which is well-stocked with firepower.
  • The servants begin placing rollers under the boat in preparation of the move, but before they are finished a pack of dogs enters the grotto.
  • A fox seeks refuge in the grotto, but it is followed by a pack of hounds, and behind the hounds, men. The King's guards, led by Biscarrat, are on a hunt.
  • Aramis orders the dogs killed so their masters are not tempted to follow and discover the boat. The six dogs are killed, but there are still the sixteen masters left.
  • Aramis and Porthos conceal themselves in preparation for shooting the men. The servants will load the muskets for them.
  • Porthos asks how they are to treat Biscarrat.
  • Aramis replies that they ought to shoot him first, since he can recognize the two rebels.

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