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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Nine: The Tempter

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Chapter Nine: The Tempter

  • Aramis explains to the former prisoner why the current King is such a bad egg.
  • He then explains that, as leader of the Jesuits, he is convinced that God is using him as an instrument of justice.
  • Aramis explains that he wants the former prisoner (who we're going to call Philippe from now on) to ascend the throne of France.
  • Philippe asks what will happen to his brother, King Louis XIV. Aramis proposes that they simply exchange places.
  • Aramis tells Philippe that there are no dangers, only obstacles.
  • Philippe points out that his conscience may not be so easily appeased.
  • Aramis gives Philippe a choice: a humble life as a private citizen or king of the most powerful country in the world.
  • Aramis tells Philippe that he knows of twenty leagues of quiet country where Philippe can live a humble and rustic life with no dangers.
  • Philippe asks for ten minutes to make his decision.

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