Study Guide

The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Seventeen: High Treason

By Alexandre Dumas

Chapter Seventeen: High Treason

  • Finally, the King quiets down, and falls asleep.
  • The bed begins to sink and all the lovely furnishings of the chamber of Morpheus disappear. The King is convinced he is having a bad dream.
  • Finally, he realizes he is awake. On either side of him is an armed and masked man.
  • The King demands to know what is going on. He learns that he is in a tunnel. The men ask him to follow. If not, he will be rolled into a cloak and carried.
  • The King assumes they are assassins. He follows them down the tunnel. The men lead Louis to a carriage.
  • They go straight to the Bastille. It is now about three in the morning. They send for Baisemeaux. We learn that one of the masked men is Aramis.
  • Aramis apologizes to Baisemeaux for the confusion – it appears that Seldon, he tells the governor, was the prisoner that ought to have been released, and he is bringing Marchiali back.
  • Aramis hands Baisemeaux the original order of release. The poor man is deeply confused.
  • To prevent further confusion, Aramis tears up the original order for Marchiali's release. Aramis then demands Seldon's release.
  • Aramis whispers to Baisemeaux that Marchiali's first move as a free man was to pretend to be the King of France. He warns Baisemeaux that Marchiali is likely to persist in these delusions.
  • We learn the other masked man is Porthos.
  • Baisemeaux takes the King and puts him in the cell previously occupied by Philippe.
  • Before leaving, Aramis tells Baisemeaux that no one is to enter the prisoner's cell without express permission from the King.
  • Porthos and Aramis head back to Vaux.

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