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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Six: The Beehive, the Bees, and the Honey

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Chapter Six: The Beehive, the Bees, and the Honey

  • Aramis is in a bad mood. Molière, by contrast, seems to be in a good mood.
  • The first floor of the left wing is filled with Epicureans.
  • Pelisson is busy writing the comedy "Les Facheux." The other writers are also very busy writing, with the exception of La Fontaine, who is simply wandering around the room.
  • Annoyed, Pelisson asks La Fontaine to give him a rhyme.
  • The two squabble over rhymes. Pelisson accuses La Fontaine of rhyming in a "slovenly manner."
  • Molière advises La Fontaine that this is a grave insult that should not be left unchallenged.
  • Molière asks La Fontaine if he ever fought.
  • La Fontaine replies that he fought only once, with a man who had seduced his wife. La Fontaine says that his opponent disarmed him, then apologized, saying that he would never again visit the house.
  • The poets ask what happened next.
  • La Fontaine tells them that he picked up his sword, told his opponent that the house had been very peaceful since the man starting visiting his wife, and that if the visits stopped he would be obliged to duel again.
  • Everyone laughs and they continue discussing rhymes.
  • The men continue jesting, and La Fontaine confesses that he's looking forward to a new suit of clothes.
  • Aramis makes his appearance, and all the men become very quiet. Aramis dispenses invitations, and says that Fouquet sends his regards.
  • Aramis asks if any of the men wish to accompany him to Paris. Molière accepts.
  • Before leaving, Aramis stops in to say good-bye to Fouquet. He tells Fouquet about the portrait Le Brun is preparing, and Fouquet approves.
  • Aramis then asks Fouquet for a letter to give to Monsieur de Lyonne, requesting the release of a prisoner named Seldon from the Bastille.
  • Aramis leaves with Molière.

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