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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Sixty: The Last Canto of the Poem

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Chapter Sixty: The Last Canto of the Poem

  • The next day, all the nobility arrives to pay their last respects. D'Artagnan keeps to himself.
  • He helps prepare for the funeral and writes to the King, requesting a longer leave of absence.
  • The bodies of father and son are laid out in the front hall. Grimuad brought Raoul's body back with him (Beaufort had ordered it embalmed).
  • Athos and Raoul are buried by a chapel on the edge of Athos's estate.
  • After the funeral, D'Artagnan lingers to pay his last respects.
  • He finds a woman grieving over the double graves. She is overcome, asking for forgiveness.
  • D'Artagnan discovers it is La Valliere. He shames her mercilessly, saying it is she who put both men in their graves.
  • She says she left court as soon as she heard of Raoul's death, hoping to beg forgiveness from the father, and wound up arriving just in time for the funeral.
  • D'Artagnan repeats Raoul's feelings to La Valliere: no one could have loved her as he did.
  • La Valliere is full of suffering. She tells D'Artagnan that she will never be able to love without remorse. She tells D'Artagnan that she could not help but love Louis, but now she will suffer from Raoul's love for her.
  • La Valliere again asks for forgiveness before she leaves.
  • D'Artagnan is left alone to wonder when he will be buried.
  • He bids farewell to the departed and rides back to Paris.

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