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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Ten: Crown and Tiara

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter Ten: Crown and Tiara

  • Aramis is filled with suspense as he watches the prince wrestle with his decision.
  • finally agrees and asks Aramis what he is expecting in return for placing the prince on the throne of France.
  • Aramis elects to table that conversation for later.
  • Instead, Aramis wants to prepare Philippe to on impersonating Louis in court life.
  • Philippe proves to have memorized all the notes Aramis had sent him.
  • As king, Philippe has plans for everyone:
  • He promises to deliver La Valliere back to the arms of Raoul.
  • In two months' time, Philippe promises that Aramis will be made a cardinal.
  • He asks for Aramis's other ambitions.
  • Aramis argues that Cardinal Richelieu's greatest mistake was allowing two kings of France – Richelieu and Louis – to try to rule as one. It's much better to have two separate thrones.
  • Aramis says to Philippe: "I shall have given you the throne of France, you will confer on me the throne of St. Peter." In other words, Aramis wants to become pope. He is convinced that Philippe can rule the bodies of men and Aramis will take their souls.
  • Philippe agrees to this plan.
  • Aramis tells Philippe that Louis will be removed from his bed while he sleeps, and that Philippe will take his place.
  • Aramis asks to kneel before Philippe, but says that they ought to embrace. He calls Aramis his holy father.
  • The carriage begins moving and head to Vaux.

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