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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Thirteen: Nectar and Ambrosia

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Chapter Thirteen: Nectar and Ambrosia

  • The royal ladies arrive at about eight o'clock.
  • All the delights of Vaux are on full display.
  • Rather than being pleased, the King begins to sulk, because his own palace pales in comparison to Vaux.
  • At the banquet, all kinds of wonderful food are served. Anne of Austria looks down her nose at everything, and Maria Theresa, the young queen, eats well and happily compliments all the dishes.
  • Fouquet and his wife personally serve the royals.
  • As soon as he is full, the King is annoyed again. Everyone seems to like Fouquet.
  • After dinner, the King goes to the gardens and is able to take La Valliere by the hand and say "I love you."
  • The evening is complete. The King is taken to the chamber of Morpheus, a magnificent bedchamber decorated by Le Brun.
  • He asks to see Colbert before going to bed.

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