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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Thirty-Five: The Last Supper

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter Thirty-Five: The Last Supper

  • Fouquet is giving a farewell supper.
  • D'Artagnan has some difficulty being received, but eventually he gains entrance to the dining room, where all the Epicureans are assembled with Fouquet. They have remained loyal to their patron.
  • Everyone is scared to see D'Artagnan, convinced he has come to arrest Fouquet.
  • D'Artagnan puts them at ease, saying he is there only to collect money.
  • It's clear that Fouquet is really ill and his friends blame the King.
  • D'Artagnan receives his money and leaves.
  • After his departure, Fouquet confesses he thought D'Artagnan was there to arrest him.
  • His friends protest and Fouquet compares their current meal to Jesus' last supper.
  • Fouquet is quite sad. He points out that he no longer has very much – only powerless friends and powerful enemies.
  • Pelisson tells Fouquet to think clearly. How much money does he have left?
  • Fouquet has only seven hundred thousand pounds.
  • Pelisson suggests that he flee to someplace like Switzerland.
  • Fouquet decides to stay. He is consoled by the thought of Belle-Isle.
  • He must first go to Nantes with the King, however, and his friends suggest that he depart immediately and with all haste. He can justify his trip to Nantes with the King's impending trip to the city.
  • Everyone is happy with this plan when a courier knocks on the door with a note saying that the King has taken the seven hundred thousand pounds to prepare for his departure to Nantes.
  • Fouquet is ruined. His friends toss various valuable jewelry in a hat so he can have some type of funds.

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