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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Thirty-Nine: How King Louis XIV Played His Little Part

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter Thirty-Nine: How King Louis XIV Played His Little Part

  • As Fouquet accompanies D'Artagnan to see the King, a man shoves a piece of paper in his hand.
  • While D'Artagnan is talking with the King, Fouquet reads the letter. In Gourville's handwriting, the letter informs Fouquet that a white horse is ready to bear him to safety. The
  • Fouquet destroys the note.
  • Fouquet goes in to see the King.
  • The King asks after his health.
  • Fouquet makes one last attempt to clear his name and defend himself.
  • A little while into their conversation, it is clear Fouquet needs to go to bed. The King summons D'Artagnan to escort the man. Fouquet refuses, saying that a simple footman would do.
  • Once Fouquet leaves, the King orders that D'Artagnan follow him.
  • He asks D'Artagnan to arrest Fouquet, then orders a bunch of draconian measures like a special carriage to prevent notes being thrown out the window.
  • D'Artagnan admits to the King that he tried to save Fouquet, but says that now he will execute his orders.
  • D'Artagnan leaves the King. As he leaves, he sees a very cheerful Gourville heading to Fouquet's lodgings.

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