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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Thirty-Three: Promises

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Chapter Thirty-Three: Promises

  • D'Artagnan receives a letter from the King ordering him back to Paris.
  • The three men leave the isle together, as Raoul and Athos must return to military responsibilities.
  • D'Artagnan bids his friends good-bye, but within moments is back. He embraces the two men for a long time without saying anything, then leaves.
  • Athos and Raoul return to Toulon and meet with M. de Beaufort, who is busy inspecting everything.
  • The fleet is due to leave the next morning.
  • Athos and Raoul spend the evening talking.
  • Athos confesses that he has not been a friend to Raoul, but will be a friend from here on.
  • Athos gives his son some military advice, and makes his son promise to think of him if he is in trouble.
  • Athos tells his son that the two of them love each other so dearly that when they part, parts of their souls must also part.
  • Dawn is breaking when Grimaud tracks the two men down.
  • Athos tells Raoul that he must not leave alone, and gives him the services of Grimaud.
  • Raoul protests, but Athos insists.
  • The drums begin to roll and an officer comes looking for Raoul to tell him he is expected with M. de Beaufort. Athos prepares himself to part with his son. He gives him two hundred pistoles.
  • The two men finally embrace and bid each other farewell. Raoul joins M. de Beaufort.
  • Grimaud kisses Athos on the hand and follows Raoul.
  • Athos watches Raoul's ship until it disappears on the horizon.

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