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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Twenty-Nine: Planchet's Inventory

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Planchet's Inventory

  • We learn that Planchet, who once served as D'Artagnan's valet, now works as a grocer.
  • Athos shows up at Planchet's grocery to find all the employees in the midst of taking an inventory.
  • Athos learns that Planchet is packing his bags; he asks to speak with the former valet.
  • Raoul arrives.
  • Planchet tells Athos that he is selling his business and moving to the country.
  • Planchet points out that they should talk in better quarters. Athos and Raoul begin to ascend the staircase to Planchet's lodgings.
  • Planchet hesitates, but Athos assumes it is because his lodgings are humble.
  • When Raoul opens the door, he surprises a woman getting dressed.
  • The subsequent interaction on the stairs is even more awkward, as Planchet tries to explain and the gentlemen don't really want to hear it. Once the woman, whose name is Truchen, has had time to get dressed, the men go back inside. She curtsies to them and leaves.
  • Planchet plans to marry the woman.
  • Athos then directs the conversation to D'Artagnan, and learns that his friend has disappeared.
  • After a little coaxing, Planchet confesses that D'Artagnan did visit the grocery the other day and spent some time consulting a map.
  • He shows the map to Athos and Raoul, who discern from the pinpricks in the paper that D'Artagnan is heading in the direction of Cannes.
  • The two men are pleased, as D'Artagnan seems to be traveling along the same road they will shortly be taking.
  • They leave Planchet and head to meet M. de Beaufort.

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