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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Twenty-Seven: M. de Beaufort

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: M. de Beaufort

  • Beaufort is about to speak privately with Athos when he catches sight of Raoul and invites him to join the conversation.
  • Beaufort explains that he is on his way to fight Arabs in Africa, then asks Raoul to fetch some wine.
  • While Raoul is gone, Beaufort asks Athos to detail his plans for Raoul's future.
  • The two men gossip a bit about La Valliere, then Athos admits that he wants to keep Raoul close to home, since Athos cares about him.
  • Raoul enters the room with Grimaud, Athos's servant, who is bearing a bottle of wine.
  • Beaufort takes a sip, then offers his glass to Raoul, saying that his glass bears good luck. He asks Raoul to make a wish.
  • Raoul tells Beaufort that he wishes to accompany him to Africa.
  • Athos is upset, but respects his son's decision.
  • Beaufort says that Raoul will be his aide-de-camp and will be treated like his son.
  • Beaufort mentions that if he is chastised for taking too much time, he will reply that he gained a recruit.
  • Raoul tells Beaufort that if he is planning on having this exchange with the King, it will be untrue, for Raoul will not serve the King.
  • Beaufort points out that these days everyone serves the King.
  • Athos is momentarily optimistic that the prospect of serving the King will deter Raoul from service.
  • But Raoul reveals his plan to become a Knight of Malta and serve God instead of the King.
  • Beaufort prepares to leave, and tells Athos to meet him in Paris.
  • Father and son are left staring at each other. They are not prone to emotional displays.
  • Raoul finally points out that he is going to die soon, and it might as well be far from home.
  • Athos says Raoul is a free man and can make his final decision when they meet Beaufort in Paris .

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