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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Twenty-Six: The Last Adieus

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Chapter Twenty-Six: The Last Adieus

  • Porthos is cheerful and Aramis looks stressed.
  • Porthos brags that he will soon be a duke.
  • Aramis asks to speak to Athos in private, then tells him the whole story.
  • Aramis is convinced that he can salvage the situation through his allies in Spain. He invites Athos to join them.
  • Athos refuses. He asks Aramis to promise to look after Porthos, and loans his two best horses to his friends.
  • As Aramis and Porthos saddle up for their departure, Athos is overcome with grief and hugs his two friends good-bye.
  • He tells Raoul he believes it will be the last time he will see his friends.
  • Raoul replies that he had the same thought.
  • The two men are sad.
  • Athos's friend the Duke de Beaufort shows up for a welcome visit.

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