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The Man in the Iron Mask Chapter Twenty: The Morning

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Chapter Twenty: The Morning

  • Philippe looks around his brother's bedroom and starts feeling like a king.
  • Then he starts feeling guilty as he slips into bed.
  • In the morning, Aramis walks into the bedchamber. Philippe is awake and expecting him. The two men catch up on all the latest events: Louis is safely shut up in the Bastille, and Porthos should be given a dukedom or killed – it's a bit unclear.
  • The next order of business is dealing with D'Artagnan, who is supposed to have a morning meeting with the King.
  • Aramis goes to intercept D'Artagnan and prevent him from entering the bedchamber, where he might suspect something is amiss.
  • As D'Artagnan leaves Fouquet's room, he predicts that he will arrest someone before the end of the day. (This is true, our narrator tells us.)
  • Fouquet asks D'Artagnan to have Aramis come see him. D'Artagnan agrees.
  • D'Artagnan knocks on the door to the King's bedchamber, half-expecting the King himself to open the door.
  • He is absolutely flabbergasted to see Aramis open the door.
  • Aramis tells D'Artagnan that the King wants the court to know he is still sleeping.
  • D'Artagnan is shocked to see that the King esteems Aramis so highly. Last night, the King paid no attention to Aramis, but here he is in the morning, in the King's bedchamber, issuing orders in the King's name.
  • D'Artagnan objects that he had a meeting scheduled for this morning.
  • The King's voice comes from the bedchamber, telling D'Artagnan that they can meet later.
  • Before D'Artagnan leaves, Aramis hands him an order concerning Fouquet.
  • It is an order issuing the release of Fouquet. This clears up the mystery for D'Artagnan, who assumes that Aramis was in the King's bedchamber to negotiate Fouquet's release.
  • Aramis accompanies D'Artagnan. He claims he wants to witness Fouquet's delight for himself.

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