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The Man in the Iron Mask Love

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There are many different types of love in The Man in the Iron Mask, and all forms of it act as powerful motivators for the characters involved. The first type of love in the novel is the love the four friends still bear for one another. Secondly, there is a powerful father-son bond. Athos and Raoul's love for one another transcends physical limitations of time and space. There is also Raoul's unrequited love for his former fiancé, Louise de la Valliere, which is even stronger than his love for his father.

Questions About Love

  1. Why doesn't Raoul just find another girl?
  2. How is love defined in The Man in the Iron Mask? How can you tell when one character loves another?
  3. Does Aramis love Philippe, or was that just a line to convince him to leave the Bastille?

Chew on This

Although La Valliere does not love Raoul, she suffers from his death just as much as he suffered from her infidelity.

Athos's love for Raoul prevents him from being a good friend.

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